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A letter from Tsinghua University for 19 year old disabled candidates

Date : 2017-07-05 15:09  Comment
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  Tsinghua University, one of the top academic institutions in China, has promised to make every possible effort to help Wei Xiang, a 19-year-old severely disabled high scorer from Dingxi, northwestern China’s Gansu province, according to a highly shared article on social media recently, Youth.cn reported on June 27.
  Wei achieved 648 points in this year’s China’s national college entrance examination held on June 7-8.

  Wei and his mother have lived a hard life for many years. His father passed away early in 2005, and his mother had to take care of him, as he has been suffering from complete loss of muscle function in both legs and incontinence since he was born.

  His mother has always been there for him, helping him overcome his disability. In June 2008, Wei’s mother carried him to seek specialized treatment in Beijing, his third surgical treatment. But his physical condition had not been improved, despite several major operations.

  His hard work earned him a spot in one of China’s most prestigious universities, and on June 26, he sent out a letter, telling his academic journey and hoping for a separate room for him and his mother at the university. The letter has touched many people.

  Wei said that because of his disability, no matter where he goes, he cannot be separated from his mother, as she she takes care of his basic necessities. His mother must accompany him to school, but in order to do that, she must give up work, which means the family’s only economic source will cut off.

  "We contacted Wei Xiang to offer him financial support. Tsinghua will not let any excellent student drop out of school because of economic difficulties," said Liu Zhen, director of the university’s enrollment office. He added that the support will follow once the admission is confirmed.

  A reporter got in touch with Wei’s mother. On the phone, the mother expressed her happiness. She said years of hard work have paid off after getting the results of the college entrance examination.
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