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BYD Company Limited
Company Profile

Founded in 1995, BYD is a listed company on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. We principally engaged in IT industry mainly related to rechargeable battery business, handset and computer components and assembly services, as well as automobile business including traditional fuel-powered vehicles and new energy vehicles while taking advantage of our technical superiority to actively develop other new energy products such as solar farm, energy storage station, electric vehicles, LED, electric forklift, etc... Currently, BYD has nearly 180,000 employees and 22 industrial parks in global with an area nearly 17,000,000 square meters.
China BYD
BYD Milestones
Traceless time always engraves our milestones.

Feb, 1995: BYD Company founded, with capital of RMB2.5 million and 20 members.

Sep, 1995: Company relocated from Buji town to the Sixth Science and Technology Industrial Park, with about 300 employees.

July, 1996: Received ISO9002 certification.

1997: Began manufacturing Li-ion battery.

Dec, 1998: Received ISO9001 certification.

Dec, 1998: BYD Europe B.V. founded.

April, 1999: BYD (HK) Co., Ltd. founded.

Oct, 1999: BYD Shenzhen Kuichong Plant set up and put into commission.

Nov, 1999: BYD America Corp. founded.

2000: Received UL certification.

2000: Became the first Li-ion battery supplier to Motorola.

Jan, 2000: Received ISO14001:1996 certification

April, 2001: BYD Korea Office founded.

2002: Became the first Li-ion battery supplier to Nokia.

May, 2002: Received QS-9000 certification.

July, 2002: Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board (Stock Code: 1211.HK) with the highest issue price among the 54 H-share stocks in Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Sep, 2002: BYD Shanghai Plant set up and Shanghai BYD Co., Ltd. founded.

Sep, 2002: BYD Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. received "Motorola Excellent Supplier Award".

Jan 22nd, 2003: Purchased Tsinchuan Automobile Company Limited (now BYD Auto Company Limited).

May, 2003: Assets reorganized with Beijing Jichi Auto Mould, BYD Beijing Plant set up and Beijing BYD Mould Co., Ltd. founded.

June, 2003: BYD Xi'an Plant set up.

March, 2004: BYD Baolong Plant set up.

April 16th, 2005: First F3 comes off from the production line.

Aug, 2005: BYD Japan Co., Ltd. founded.

Sep 22nd, 2005: BYD F3 hit the market in Ji'nan, Shandong Province.

2006: First F3e, powered by Fe-battery, was developed successfully.

March 20th, 2006: BYD DENMARK ApS founded.

Nov 18th, 2006: BYD S8 first exhibited in the 9th Beijing Vehicle Exhibition.

Dec 5th, 2006: BYD Hungary Kft. founded.

March 6th, 2007: BYD Electronics India Private Limited founded.

July 30th, 2007: BYD F3R hit the market.

Aug 9th, 2007: First Business Sedan - F6 released in Shenzhen Pingshan Plant.

Sep 11th, 2007: BYD Electronics Romania S.R.L founded.

Dec 20th, 2007: BYD Electronic (International) Co., Ltd listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board (Stock Code: 0285.HK).

Jan 3rd, 2008: BYD Finland Oy founded.

March 18th, 2008: BYD F6 hit the market.

Sep 2nd, 2008: BYD F0 hit the market.

Sep 27th, 2008: MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co, a unit of US billionaire investor Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. took an approximately 10% stake by buying 225,000,000 new H shares issued by Hong Kong-listed BYD at HK$8.00 (US$1.03) per share. The total value of the investment is approximately HK$1.8 billion or US$230 million.

Oct 6th, 2008: BYD purchased the SinoMOS Semiconductor (Ningbo) Inc. with approximately RMB200 million.

Dec 10th, 2008: BYD Solar Battery Project Opening Ceremony held in Shangluo, Shaanxi; BYD Shangluo Base founded.

Dec 15th, 2008: BYD F3DM, the world's first dual mode electric car independent of specialized charging stations, hit the market in Shenzhen.

April 22th, 2009: BYD's first multi-purpose vehicle, M6, first unveiled in the 13th Shanghai International Vehicle Exhibition.

May 2nd, 2009: BYD e6 and several other vehicles displayed at Annual Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting.

May, 2009: BYD and Volkswagen (VOWG.DE) signed a Mou on EV and battery cooperation.

July 19th, 2009: BYD hardtop convertible S8 hit the market.

July 25th, 2009: BYD Auto Changsha Project started.

Oct 26th, 2009: G3 Vehicle hit the market.

Nov 10th, 2009: The contract signing ceremony of BYD Shaoguan Production Base Project was held in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province.

Mar 10th, 2010: BYD acquired Japanese mold factory from Ogihara Corp.;

Apr 15th, 2010: BYD donated 20 million yuan, 1000 quilts, and 1000 sets of cotton clothes to disaster-hit areas in Qinghai Yushu.

Apr 30th, 2010: BYD North American Headquarters founded in Los Angeles.

May 27th, 2010: Daimler AG and BYD signed a memorandum of understanding to develop electric vehicles for China.

Jul 20th, 2010: BYD's first multi-purpose vehicle M6 hit the market.

Aug 16th, 2010: L3 Vehicle hit the market in Beijing.

Sep 27th, 2010: Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, his business partner Charlie Munger, and Bill Gates arrived at Shenzhen, and visited BYD's several industrial parks.

Sep 30th, 2010: BYD's pure electric bus K9 came off from the production line.

Dec 24th, 2010: BYD's e6 get its first license in Netherlands, that is, e6 formally enters into European market.

Jan, 2011: BYD's pure electric bus K9 went into trial running in Shenzhen and Changsha.

Nov 22th, 2011: BYD Canada Company Limited founded in Windsor.
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