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Beihai Submarine World Travel Guide

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Situated in the Beihai Seashore Park, Beihai Submarine World is a big comprehensive museum which exhibits the halobios. It has two districts: A district is the former Aquatic Products Museum which is considered as one of the earliest and largest aquatic products museum together with Qingdao. B district is the biggest submarine sightseeing in the southwestern area of China. There are thousands of coral reef fishes swimming in Submarine World with many coming from the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The most breathtaking performance is of the divers dancing with the shark. Additionally, some artificial things are put in the underwater such as the Ancient City of Incas, the porcelain of the ancient Silk Road on the seabed, and the sunken boats of the Second World War.
Beihai Submarine world

Take bus No. 3, 9 or take the motorbike and pay the driver CNY 2-5.

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